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Double-modular Arctica® Metal Tile

Double-Modular Arctica® metal tile is our exclusive product, which offers a perfect combination of exceptional design, high quality and affordable price.

An advantageous aspect is the ease of transport, assembly and storage, due to the small size of the panels.

This model also offers a reduction in material losses, as well as the possibility of easy disassembly of any panel.



  • Average lifespan

    60 ani

  • Corrosion Warranty

    30 years

  • Color Warranty

    20 years

Product range

RAL-3005 Red Wine
RAL-8017 Brown
RAL-8019 Grey Brown
RAL-9005 Black
RAL-3009 Copper Brown
RAL-7016 Grey
RAL-3005 Wine Red
RAL-8017 Brown
RAL-8019 Grey Brown
RAL-9005 Black

Technical specifications

Cross section of metal tile module (front view)

Arctica metal tile panels consist of 2 tile modules of the dimensions: 1205 mm wide and 780 mm long. They are easy to assemble and handle, and their fixing does not require perforating the upper surface of the tile.

Cross section of metal tile module (front view)

Longitudinal section of the metal tile module (side view)

The main clamping screws are positioned in the overlapping area of the panels, being protected from the direct action of the sun's rays and the freeze / thaw factors.

Longitudinal section of the metal tile module (side view)


Fold height
30 mm
Wave depth
22 mm
Module length
350 mm
Total width
1205 mm
Useful coverage width
1130 mm
Number of modules
Total length
765 mm
Useful length
700 mm
Minimal inclination
Weight on the surface
≈ 5 kg/m2
Europallet loading (250 panels)
200 m2, ≈ 1000 kg

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Apron eaves

Provides drainage of rainwater from the surface of the anti-condensation film into the gutter and protects against moisture.

Apron eaves
Standart valley

Installed at the junction of two roof slopes to direct water to the gutter.

Standart valley
Exterior gable

It is installed for the final sealing of the coverings after the installation of the tile panels.

Exterior gable
Circular ridge

The final element on the top of the roof reliably closes the joints of the roof tiles.

Circular ridge
Right ridge

An alternative to the circular skate, the main difference is structure and design.

Right ridge
Special valley

It is mounted at the intersection between two sides of the roof to take rainwater and lead it to the gutter.

Special valley
Anti-condensation foil

Ensures the uptake of water particles that form under the tile.

Anti-condensation foil
Snow stopper

Prevents snow from slipping on the roof that leads to the gutter and can damage the rain system due to its weight.

Snow stopper
Wall connector

It is used at the intersection of a roof slope with a heel wall, where the intersection angle is greater than 90˚

Wall connector
Interior side connector

It's role is to prevent the penetration of moisture in the areas where a roof water joins a wall.

Interior side connector

Finished works

Advantages of the product

Lightweight material

Lightweight material

A metal tile roof is very light, therefore it does not need the structural support that other roof solutions require.



Reduced storage space (≈180m2 / pallet).
Reduction of sheet metal losses to the necessary cutouts, near the sloping ridge, attic windows and skylights.
Safety of working with double-modular metal tile panels.

Hidden fasteners

Hidden fasteners

The RoofArt double-modular metal tile offers a fixation with hidden fasteners and due to the positioning of the screws in places protected from water accumulations, the roof is uniform and without infiltrations.

Frequent questions

Is there a warranty certificate for the RoofArt metal tile?
Yes, the company RoofArt issues...

Yes, the company RoofArt issues warranty certificates for all ranges of metal tiles, which are valid throughout the Republic of Moldova.

How many installers are needed to mount the Arctica double-modular metal tile?
Due to the work with small...

Due to the work with small sheets of metal, the entire roof installation work can be performed by only two installers.

Can the Arctica metal tile be removed when installing an attic window?
Yes, this model offers the...

Yes, this model offers the possibility to remove any panel, even from the middle of the roof.

Is it necessary to perforate the upper surface of the tile when fixing the panel to the roof housing?
Due to the hidden screws, this...

Due to the hidden screws, this procedure is not necessary and thus, the roof is evenly protected from infiltration.

Can I get the necessary roofing accessories like the metal tile?
Yes. The accessories are made...

Yes. The accessories are made of the same sheet as the tile panels and so there is no difference between the material and their color.

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